Beginners Indian Cookery

Available Dates: TBC

This class allows you to understand the foundations and building blocks of many curries and classic dishes. You will also use this knowledge to prepare a beautiful meal in the class. This half-day class costs £99. All ingredients, spices, utensils and aprons are provided by us. Scroll down for dates and booking details. If you wish to buy a gift voucher redeemable for any of our classes click here.

The class includes:

Spices – An introduction to the spices used in Indian cookery. Our Chef tells you how to buy, use and prepare them.

Garam Masala – A combination of dried spices, used extensively in Indian cookery. Our Chef will tell you how to prepare your own garam masala and how and when to use it.

Book Look Cook Indian Cookery Classes in Epsom Surrey LondonCooking Hyderabad Chicken – Hyderabad is in Telangana, Southern India and this famous chicken dish is typical of the area’s cuisine. All the ingredients are provided and our Chef will show you how to prepare and cook them to produce a delicious dish you can take home with you.

Fragrant Pilaf Rice – The pilaf method of cooking rice uses broths or stocks to flavour it. Our Chef will show you his method of producing a beautiful rice to accompany your Indian meals.

Udupi Potatoes – You will also be making a potato side-dish to accompany your meal. Udupi cuisine is another cuisine of Southern India. Our Chef will explain how all these flavours of Southern India can come together to create a beautifully complemented set of dishes.

Available Dates: TBC

“Kuldeep was very informative regarding the spices we used and the history of their uses. Thank you for such a great afternoon. I will be taking further courses.” Paul.



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