Mastering Indian Cookery

Available Dates: TBC

This class teaches you how to master some of those dishes that look deceptively simple. There is a right and a wrong way to approach them and under the guidance of our award-winning Chef , Kuldeep Singh, we’ll show you how to do it. No previous experience is necessary.

This half-day class costs £120. All ingredients, spices, utensils and aprons are provided by us. Scroll down for dates and booking details. If you wish to buy a gift voucher redeemable for any of our classes click here.

The class includes:

Onion Bhajis – The classic Indian starter or entree. Served as a snack in India but if you have ever tried to make them they’re very difficult to get exactly right. Our Chef will show you how to do it.

Book Look Cook Indian Cookery Classes in Epsom Surrey LondonIndian Breads – Our Chef will demonstrate how to make a variety of breads to accompany your meals from chapatis through to parathas.

Cooking Kali Mirch – Originating from the region of Chettinad in the state of Tamil Nadu, this South Indian dish of peppered chicken will have your family and friends wanting more. Our Chef shows you how to prepare your meat and spices to produce a staple of Chettinad cuisine.

Yellow Tadka Dal – A mouth-watering dish that can be eaten as a dish in its own right with chapatis or other breads, or as a side-dish to the Kali Mirch.

Classic Saag Aloo – Everybody’s favourite side-dish of spinach and potatoes. Our Chef’s own recipe will be the best you’ve ever made.

Available Dates:


“Kuldeep was very informative regarding the spices we used and the history of their uses. Thank you for such a great afternoon. I will be taking further courses.” Paul.


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